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Alex Bennett,

Professional cycle mechanic since 1998.


In a fully equipped work shop based in Shaw, Oldham, we offer a full cycle servicing spares and repairs.


An official

Hope, Orange, Shimano, Ducksmart, WD-40, Fox, Rockshock, Gusset, Renthol, TSG, Mucky Nutz authorised dealer.






Tel: 07970695899   Email:[email protected]

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Full bike Service

Your bike will receive,

A thorough wash using bike specific products

Wheels removed Hubs inspected and adjusted if needed

wheels trued up

Tyres Inflated to correct pressures

Quick releases/axle greased

full frame inspected for damage and detailed

all nuts and bolts checked

Seatpost cleaned and greased

Headset inspected and adjusted

Brakes inspected for wear,  re-adjusted and setup

Gears and chain de-greased inspected for wear

re-setup and lubricated

full bike then treated with silicone shine

for that showroom finish



Service Additions


Brake bleed including fluid        £15 per brake

Gear cable including fitting        £15 each

Brake Cables                               £12 each

Hub servicing from                     £10 plus bearings

Bottom bracket fitting                 from £10

Headset service from                   £10 plus bearings

Fit new headset                            £10

Wheel true                                    £5 - £10

Wheel build                                  from £30

Fit new tyre or inner tube             £5

Full bike build                              £40-£60

Bike build PDI (Boxed Bike)       £20

Pivot bearing replacements          from £20 plus bearings


Fork Services from £25


Forks will be striped, cleaned out and new oil seals fitted where required. Fork legs fully inspected for wear. Fork reassembled with new oil where necessary.

Oil and seal prices vary

I am also now a Mojo/Fox service agent so am able to offer full FOX servicing, spares and repairs, Kashima upgrades and rear shocks


Rear Shock Servicing

FOX air can service £30 including seals

Air can stripped off, cleaned and fully inspected. Reassembled with new

seals float fluid and re-pressurised


full factory servicing and custom tuning also avaliable


Fox low friction shock bushes £35 including fitting for both upper and lower bushes.Double